You are what you eat

ComeS is a platform that generates information and transparency in the food supply chain. Our focus is the direct linkage between producers and wholesale buyers.

Through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), software and data management, ComeS collects, analyzes and predict which small producers can deliver the most sustainable and earth friendly food products to wholesale buyers such as grocery stores, restaurants or supermarkets.


Small Producers

ComeS automates the sales and marketing processes to save time, money and increase sales

Food Stores

Find new products and producers making the management of suppliers more efficient

Supply chain

ComeS inject information and transparency into the food value chain

The problem

There are more than 800 million food producers in the world, whose main problem is market access, this is due, on the one hand, to inefficiencies in the food value chain and information asymmetries, and, on the other hand, to the particular characteristics of each producer, such as, for example, the lack of economies of scale, low digitization and the information they can obtain about the market.

We are two female co-founders, with decades of combined experience working with thousands of small producers.

ComeS currently is adding value to thousands of small producers who are partnering with us because they have seen increases in their sales by at least 20% month over month

Client Testimonials

Our experience with Comes has been super positive, as we have been able to connect with new stores and speed up our delivery times. Its flexibility of credit payment to stores has allowed us to encourage new stores to incorporate our products on their shelves, without affecting our cash flow. I recommend this platform 100%, mainly to regional producers, who seek to solve distribution problems and speed up their business.
Angelo Quilodrán Co-Founder Yoggie
Working with ComeS has been a great experience! The team is very attentive and concerned, they help us find and recommend new products that are part of our store line. We love them and we greatly appreciate working with them, we recommend the ComeS team to grow the offer of your store.”
Macarena Co-Founder Store Color Local Concepción/Chile
Being a producer associated with ComeS is a very rewarding experience, my sales increased and the customers who consume my products through them are happy, I have received calls making the comment. We are very grateful to ComeS, since they have trusted us since our inception and we are convinced that together with them we will continue to provide customers with healthy, nutritious and quality food.
Blanca Martínez - Legumes bars Blanca Marti

“Come” is a Spanish word that means to eat and the “S” is for sustainable.

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